Stamps featuring the Philippine Marine Biodiversity I

The Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost) had issued last August 17, 2011 the latest definitive stamps featuring the Philippine Marine Biodiversity. The said stamps have denominations and quantities of Php 1.00 (Soft Coral) – 500,000 pieces, Php 5.00 (Sea Apple) – 1,000,000 pieces, Php 7.00 (Spotted Boxfish) – 1,000,000 pieces, qnd Php 9.00 (Broadclub Cuttlefish) – 500,000 pieces, respectively.


Postal patrons and stamp collectors will truly love the unique designs of these definitive stamps which showcase the interesting parts of the Philippine marine organisms:

Dendronephtya Soft Coral (Dendronephthya sp.)
Viewed close up these magnificent animals present a graphic example of soft coral anatomy. They lack symbiotic algae or zooxanthellae that mask the internal structure of many other species. The embedded calcareous slivers or sclerites that make up the internal skeleton are clearly visible through the semitransparent trunk and branches. Fleshy polyps are grouped in clusters on the branch. Read more

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