Stamps featuring the Filipino children play, for the National Stamp Collecting Month (November)

The Philippine Postal Corporation will issue a set of stamps and a souvenir sheet featuring some popular games Filipino children play, for the National Stamp Collecting Month (November).

Kind of Issue: Special
Denomination and Quantity: P7- – – 100,000 (4 designs) P42- – – 5,000 (each with 4 perforated and 2 imperforate stamps)
Date of Issue: November 9, 2009
Last Day of Sale: November 8, 2010
Sheet Composition: 16 (4 x 4)
Size of Stamps: 40mm x 30mm, 30mm x 40mm, (the 2 imperforate stamps in the souvenir sheets
Size of Souvenir Sheet: 128mm x 101mm
Perforation: 14
Printing Process: Litho-Offset ( 4 colors)
Paper: Amstar Company, Inc. Holotek Enterprises (for the foil stamping)
Designer: Jairo Gamboa, 18 years old Technological University of the Philippines Patricia Ann Feliciano Ng, 9 years old St. Jude Catholic School Jeremy Ace Feliciano Ng, 7 years old St. Jude Catholic
Design Coordinator: Dr. Ngoliong Tak
Layout Artist: Vic Serevo / CorazonLoza
Designs: Drawings of some popular games Filipino children play

Tumbang Preso – is a game that is distinctly Filipino. Three (3) players are needed for this game but having more players would be more challenging and fun. There must be an "it" player to defend the can from other players to prevent them from knocking the can down. Players usually use slippers when playing this game- When all the players shall have used up all their slippers without knocking down the can, the "ii" player chases everyone and tag who he/she wishes to become the new "it". Read more



The stamps, souvenir sheets and first day covers will be available starting November 9, 2009 at the Philatelic Service Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio 1000 Manila and at all regional offices of the Philippine Postal Corporation.

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