Stamps featuring the Ortigas & Company, Limited Partnership

7p  Hacienda de Mandaloyon : (70,000)
 26p  Ortigas Building : (70,000)
66p Souvenir Sheets of Four: (7,500)
Layout Artists:  Jesus Alfredo D.delos Santos
Designer: ThoughtLine Co.


Ortigas & Company, Limited Partnership was established on July 10, 1931 to acquire a 4,000 hectare property known as Hacienda de Mandaloyon. This property spanned the municipalities that are now known as Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig and Quezon City. It laid in the geographical heart of present-day Metro Manila, bounded by Santolan Road in the north, San Juan River in the west, Pasig River in the south, and Marikina River in the east.

Under the stewardship of Atty. Francisco Ortigas, Jr., who was President of the Partnership from 1945 to 1988, the original Hacienda was transformed into a progressive industrial, commercial, and residential urban complex. Read more

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