Stamps featuring the First Philippine Assembly

The Philippine Postal Corporation will issue as set of two stamps to commemorate the First Philippine Assembly Centennial.

Kind of Issue: Special
Denomination and Quantities: P7 – – – 40,000 pcs. (Grand Opera House)
P7 – – – 40,000 pcs. (Ayuntamiento de Manila)
Date of Issue: October 16, 2007
Last Day of Sale: October 15, 2008 (as stocks allow)
Size of Stamps: 40mm x30mm
Sheet Composition: 50 (5 x 10)
Perforation: 14
Printing Process: Litho-Offset ( 4 colors)
Paper: Imported Unwatermarked
Printer: Amstar Company, Inc.
Design Coordinators: Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak T.
Corazon T. Loza
Designer/Graphic Artist: Randolph E. Siscar
Design: Grand Opera House and Ayuntamiento de Manila

The Philippine Assembly was established in the Philippines pursuant to the Act of Congress of July 1, 1902 otherwise known as the Philippine Bill of 1902. A general election of members of the Philippine Assembly was held on July 30, 1907. The Nacionalista Party, the party that advocated "immediate and complete independence" headed by Sergio Osrnefia, captured the majority of the 80-seat Assembly. Read more.


Stamps and Official First Day Covers will be available starting October 16, 2007 at the Philatelic Service, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, 1000 Manila and at all Regional Offices of the Philippine Postal Corporation.

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