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First Airmail Exhibition Issue

First Airmail Exhibition Issue

Two surcharged stamps, 8c on the 26c Francisco Carriedo and 1p on the 10p Arms of Manila commemorated the first airmail exhibition in this country which was held in Manila on February Ii-19, 1939. Intended for airmail fees locally and for U.S respectively, the overprints on the stamps read.

First-Airmail Exhibition (in semi-circle)-Feb. 17 to 19, 1939-8centavos (I peso). The 8c surcharge in black and the 1p in red. It was overprinted locally in the following quantities: 8c-200,000 and lp-30.000.

Two different postal cachets were applied on the first day covers, one for overland routes and the other for flown mails.

First Foreign Trade Week Issue

The first national foreign trade week was observed in Manila on May 21-27, 1939, the object of which was to foster and maintain the free trade between the united states and the Philippines. A commemorative set in the form of an overprint came out on July 5, 1939, more than a month after the observance of the event. The 4c (1935 pictorial), the 26c (1917-1925 set), and the 20p (1937 issue), were surcharged with 2c,6c, and 50c respectively, with the following overprint : "First Foreign-Trade week-May 2l-2j,1939" (3 lines) red for the 2c and deep blue for the 6c and 50c Quantities: 2c-500,00; 6c-166,700; 50c-60,000.


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