Stamps featuring the Topicals Philippine Hoyas

The Philippine Postal Corporation will come up with the 2011 First Quarter Issue featuring the Topicals Philippine Hoyas stamps on March 8. It is classified as a “Special” kind of issue with denomination of P 7.00 with quantity of 100,000 pieces and 5,000 pieces of souvenir sheet of P 28.00, respectively.

Topicals Philippine Hoyas
Topicals Philippine Hoyas
Topicals Philippine Hoyas
Kind of Issue:Special
Denomination & Quantity:Php7.00 / 100,000 pieces
Date of Issue:March 8, 2011
Last date of Sales: March 7, 2012 (or as stocks allow)
Sheet Composition:16
Size of Stamp :40 mm x 30 mm
Souvenir Sheet:Php28.00 / 5,000 pieces
Size:130 mm x 75 mm
Printing Process:Litho offset (4 colors)
Paper:Imported Unwatermarked
Printer:Amstar Company, Inc.
Layout Artist: Jesus Alfredo Delos Santos
Designer:On-the-Job Trainee from TUP
Rosa Vilma Santos
Design Coordinators:Victorino Serevo
Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak
Designs:Photos and Philippine Hoya species provided for by Mr. Fernando B.
Aurigue, Science Research Specialist and Project Leader, Agricultural Research
Section, Atomic Research Division, Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI).

Trivia about the Topicals Philippine Hoyas

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