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Errors, Freaks and Oddities

As stamp collectors we are usually in search of something unique. Unique in the sense that it is different from others.  Enjoyment!, fun, and education are usually the primary purpose of a hobby  One such enjoyment is collecting stamps.

As we progress in our hobby, we will encounter some unusual stamps and we might notice a partially or totally different stamp from others. I believe this to be one of the most exciting parts of collecting stamps: obtaining errors, varieties and oddities in stamps.

Errors. Freaks and oddities (EFO's) are unintentionally and erroneously produced. These are major and minor and varieties. In this topic we will be discussing about the errors and varieties of stamps which are being issued. We will compare these with the normal copy, so we could distinguish the difference.

The different kinds of errors, freaks and oddities range from offset (which commonly occurs), shifted perforation, shifted color, missing or partially missing colors, double and multiple impressions, and many others.

These EFOs occur during the process of printing the stamps. Examples of errors, freaks and oddities which occur during the process of printing are imperforates, double or multiple perforations, missing colors, invented colors, double or multiple impressions. In some instances, corner of paper nay be folded during the process of printing. You will understand more as we go along this topic.

Take note that these errors do not happen to our local stamps only but also to other countries’ stamps as well.

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