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Starting a Collection
The beginning stamp collector will probably have hundreds of questions.

For example, a collector might want to know what countries and topics to collect which album t begin with methods of display. problems on soaking and or mounting specific stamps. This is where the  local stamp clubs and the local stamp collectors, can of enormous  assistance to the beginner.

Beginners may no always feel welcome when they go to their first club meeting. Sometimes they approach the wrong people when they seek information. They should approach people who have more time to help them as well as the officers of the clubs who usually are willing to do things for other people on the other hand the old timers or the more experienced collectors should show a greater willingness to assist the beginner. These person do exist and their service to the hobby is an invaluable blessing and an enormous help. Nothing is more important to a beginner than finding a common ground for discussions and expression of interest.

The beginner will soon learn that stamp collecting is a continuing learning process. One will never know everything about stamps collecting even after spending an entire lifetime.

This is not meant to discourage but rather to reassure the beginner. He is in good company, because every stamp collector is still in the process of learning more about the hobby, One can learn from club members, dealers, exhibits and the various publication that exist for stamp collectors.

In areas where no stamp club exist, stamp publication such as the collectors' Connection try to fill the needs of the collectors. The fact that you are reading the Collectors' Connection is a good start. Reading can clear up some of the mystery of the more general aspect of  the hobby. Collectors, particularly those in the provinces, should feel free to write and ask questions about the hobby. We will try our best to share what we know.

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