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Trivia about Angels

Angels are not just metaphors or symbols. Their existence has been proven several times in the Bible, the Old and the New Testaments. They have no bodies but they live to do God's will. In the Old Testament, angels are messengers for God as they continue to do in the New Testament. Angels are created beings and however close to God and faithful intermediaries they are, with the coming of Christ in the New Testament, they are not equal to Him. As Christ is God, they do his will. Like superhuman beings, angels descend to earth at God’s behest to intervene in the affairs of humans.

Trivia about the Teresian Association in the Philippines

The Teresian Association, an International Lay Association founded in 1911 in Spain by Blessed Pedro Poveda to share in the evangelizing mission of the Church in the field of Education and Culture, was established in the Philippines in 1950. In its 50 years in the Philippines, its members have fulfilled their mission in different educational and cultural settings throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and helped establish the Association in Japan, Taiwan and India.

Trivia about the Diocese of Lucena

On this Great Jubilee Year 2000 the Diocese of Lucena celebrates her Golden Anniversary. This festivity is certainly a great opportunity for the Diocesan community to thank the Lord for the many blessings and favors she received during her fifty years of existence. Looking back to the history of the Diocese, on September 8, 1950, the Papal Bull Quo Aeternae Dominici Gregis by Pope Pius XII was read before a huge crowd gathered in front of St. Ferdinand Cathedral, Lucena City, and the Diocese of Lucena was canonically erected and Bishop Rufino J. Santos was proclaimed Apostolic Administrator.

Trivia about St. Thomas de Aquinas Parish

MANGALDAN owns the distinction as the third town in Pangasinan to be founded by the Dominican missionaries. As early as 1591, it already existed as a Spanish encomienda. Its foundation as a town is attributed to Blessed Juan Martinez de Santo Domingo who died a martyr's death in Japan on March 19, 1618.