Trivia about the Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc


Every institution possesses a PAST which it fondly looks back to, a PRESENT which it carefully nurtures and develops and a FUTURE which it eagerly looks forward to.

Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc. is no exception.

In school year 1951-1952, the Religious of the Virgin Mary Sisters opened an annex of the Immaculate Conception College (now known as the University of the Immaculate Conception) at Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City. The annex was
built upon the request of parents living at Sta. Ana District, and with permission from the local bishop since the school building was erected on a land owned by the Roman Catholic Apostolic Administrator of Davao. The ICC annex provided kindergarten, elementary, and secondary courses for boys and girls, but by school year 1955-1956, it became a separate school and was named the “Holy
Cross Academy of Davao.” Read more on the history of HCDC at their official website at

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