Trivia about the Year of the Snake

 Year of the Snake

Snake is well thought of, even venerated, for his wisdom, his sagacity, and his goodwill.

As far as those born under this sign, the Snake rnale is romantic and charming. He has a sense of humor and the female is usually beautiful and successful because of it.

 Year of the Snake

The Snake dresses with the great deal of affection and even with certain ostentation: men born under the sign always have a bit of dandy about them, and women rave, for example, over smart accessories.

 Year of the Snake

The Snake never wastes time in idle gossip. Very often he thinks deeply. He is an intellectual, a philosopher, and a celebral person. Yet he could dispense with his acquired wisdorn because his intuition is quite remarkable, if cultivated, it is something like clairvoyance. Similarly, he often relies on first impressions, on his own feelings, on his sympathies, rather than on facts, advice and opinions of others, or on his own experience and that of his colleagues. He seems to have sixth sense in this way.

Determined to follow through anything he undertakes to the bitter end, the Snake detests being left, as it were, in mid-air. He decides quickly and firmly. He will move heaven and earth to attain his goal and nothing will be allowed to stand on his way. As you might expect, he makes a very poor gambler.

He’s a bit tight when it comes to lending money, though his sympathy for others often leads him to offer help. The help will be in kind rather than in cash. The Snake is freer with himself than he is with his money! The fatal flaw in his character is, a tendency to exaggerate — in helping friends as with everything else. If he does others a favor, he becomes possessive ‘towards them in an odd way, so that finally he is more of a hindrance than a help; his serpentine nature leads him to coil and cling to the point where he can suffocate the object of his attention. Think twice, before you accept an offer of help from a Snake: you could regret it!

In money matters, the Snake has good luck. He is always ready to lay his money when he needs it. Once he got it, though, he’s a little stingy: that’s why he never lends. What’s his is his; and in old age he can become quite miserable.

The Snake should stick to careers that are not risky. The truth is,he’s a bit lazy!

In love, the Snake is jealous and possessive. Those coils will twine and twine around her until she can no longer move. People born under this sign tend to be afflicted with “the wandering eye” especially the Snake males who delight in women. But both sexes tend to complicate their lives with extramarital affairs. They would be well advised to struggle against this trait. Snakes who succeed in channeling their affections towards their own families gain enormous serenity and inner harmony of their lives.

The Snake will often have a large family — for him, it’s just one more way of making sure that his wife has no time to play around like he does.

He will be happy with the Cow, who is content to be overrun by this family on condition that the Cow is always accepted as boss — a role that the Snake willingly concedes in the home.

The fight between the Snake and the Rooster– if they are married or associated in bussiness or friendship — will work toward the elimination of their mutual faults.

For the poor Pig, though, one can only have pity if he should fall into the clutches of a Snake. The Pig will allow himself to be imposed upon, immobilized — and the Snake will wallow in his own faults, knowing that he can escape with it.

The Snake have nothing to do with the Tiger, who will destroy him.

The first two phases of the Snake’s life will be relatively calm. But beware for the final phase! For it’s then that his sentimental and passionate nature, and his taste for adventures, play him tricks even if there is the possibility of an undisturbed old age in him!

But everything depends on whether the Snake was born in summer or in winter, in hot weather or COld,during the day or during the night. He’s best off in the heat, for he’s frightened of squalls, of April showers, of the cold. The Snake born at midday in the heat of a tropical summer will be a happier Snake than those born in the middle of an icy night in winter. The destiny of those born under this sign is, in fact, sensitive to the inclemencies of climate and that a Snake born a stormy day will be in danger throughout his life.

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