Trivia about the Philippine Waterfalls

Philippine Waterfalls
Philippine Waterfalls
Maria Cristina Falls is the most beautiful and tallest waterfall in the country at 58 meters high and nearly as wide. It is located nine kilometers south of lIigan City, a prosperous city which owes its wealth to the hydroelectric power the falls generate.
Pagsanjan Falls is the most famous of all Philippine waterfalls. It is actually located in the town of Lumban, Laguna. The famous falls got its name from the mighty Pagsanjan River that runs through several towns in Laguna. Pagsanjan Falls and shooting the eleven rapids in a banca meandering down the brown stillness of the Pagsanjan River and entering gurgling rapids strewn with large boulders have always been perennial tourist attractions.
Katibawasan Falls is located in Mambarao, Camiguin Island, a beautiful and enchanting island teeming with volcanoes and falls.
Bagongbong Falls is located in Barangay Caubcab in the town of Almeria, Biliran. The island province of Biliran is a land of flowing streams, white sand beaches, and mighty mountains, home to many spectacular waterfalls.
Casiawan Falls is located in Barangay Casiawan in the municipality of Cabucgayan, Biliran. Like other spectacular falls located in the island, Casiawan Falls is a tourist destination especially forged in the richness of the fiesta celebration and cultural traditions of the modest people of Biliran.
Pangi Falls is located in Eastern Samar. Its enchanting falls lay rest on the freezing watershed and frolic around the sculptured rock formation.
Kipot Twin Falls is located in the outskirts of Bago City in Negros Occidental. Like its name connotes, this spectacular falls comes in a pair of long white ribbon-knotted waters cascading down the mountains.
Tinago Falls is located in Lanao del Norte. It is as beautiful as its sister falls, the Maria Cristina Falls. First Day Cover Cachets:
Mag-aso Falls is located in the town of Antequera, Bohol. The falls is one of the major tourist destinations in the island along with the world-renowned Chocolate Hills, the cuddly tarsiers, Baclayon Church, and the white sand beaches of Panglao.
Kawasan Falls is located in Badian, Cebu. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Southern Cebu. The pristine and tranquil waters of Kawasan Falls are ideal for canoeing

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