Trivia about the Philippine Chinese Philatelic Society (PCPS) Golden Jubilee

Philippine Chinese Philatelic Society (PCPS) Golden Jubilee

The Philippine Chinese Philatelic Society (PCPS) was formally named and established in 1951 by a group of overseas Chinese philatelists who sought to: 1) promote philately as a wholesome hobby; 2) foster cordial relationship between Filipino and Chinese collectors; 3) introduce Chinese philately to collectors through the print medium; and 4) gain recognition in international philatelic circles.

Philippine Chinese Philatelic Society (PCPS) Golden Jubilee

In November 1952, PCPS participated in the First PANAPEX sponsored by the Philippine Post Office and garnered a silver medal. In April 1954, PCPS joined the Philippine Stamp Centenary celebration organized by the postal authorities with the entry of ‘157 frames and won three golds, three silvers and six bronzes.

In March 1956, PCPS visited Taiwan to join a large scale philatelic exhibition arranged by Taiwan Post Office in conjunction with its 60th Anniversary of Modern Chinese Postal Service. This participation started PCPS’ involvement in international stamp shows.

In December 1965, the Association Filatelica de Filipinas (AFF) had an international philatelic exhibition (with over 600 frames) to celebrate the Quadricentennial of the Philippines’ Christianization. The PCPS was awarded the gold medal in the Literature category for its Chinese Philatelist, the official bilingual club journal. besting entries from the Philippines. Taiwan. the USA, Great Britain, Italy and Australia. Ernest A. Kehr, the eminent American juror. commended the superior quality of the PCPS’ journal and its members’ exhibits that merited them a gold, a silver cup (as Distinguished Award) and three bronzes.

In July 1967, PCPS put up a stamp show with 235 frames featuring rarities of China and the Philippines, and stamps of selected popular countries at the Liberty Hall in Benavidez Street, Manila. The S-day exhibit attracted many enthusiasts. several of whom are now active officers of the Society.

in May 1975, PCPS organized a “Circulating Philatelic Exhibition” that staried in Manila and covered Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hongkong, Taipei and Kaohsiung. Among the many superb collections exhibited were the rare China classics and scarce Philippine covers. This event earnld for the Society the respect and admiration of the philatelic community.

The PCPS prides itself as the only local philatelic organization that carries a slogan: “One who calls himself philatelist not only has some (stamps) to show but also some (works) to tell,’

As the PCPS celebrates its golden jubilee this June 30,2001, it is all set to revive its award-winning journal, dormant since 1994, with issue No. 41 . Moreover, it seeks to increase its membership base through more aggressive promotion, Finally, it encourages members to participate in international stamp shows for the glory not only of PCPS but also of Philippine philately

Stamps featuring the Philippine Chinese Philatelic Society (PCPS) Golden Jubilee

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