Trivia about the “Ang Batang Pinoy Laban sa Droga” National Stamp Design Contest

“Ang Batang Pinoy Laban sa Droga” National Stamp Design Contest

In response to the State of the Nation Address of Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the third session of the 12th Congress at Batasang Pambansa, the Philippine Postal Corporation launched the “Ang Batang Pinoy Laban Sa Droga” National Stamp Design Contest.  As President Arroyo uhderscored the need for a collective effort in fighting the illegal drug trade in the country, this contest was designed to create awareness among the youth regarding their role in the anti-druq campaign of the government. It gave them a chance to interpret their ideas on the hazardous effects of drugs and how they can stay away from drugs.

From among 700 entries coming from public and private schools throughout the country, three winners were chosen both from the elementary and high school categories. The first two winners in the elementary and high school categories are now featured on the special stamps “Ang Batang Pinoy Laban’ Sa Droga”. The third winners from elementary and high school are now featured on the First Day Covers.

Liceo de Cagayan University High School
Cagayan de Oro City
1st PRIZE WINNER, High School Level

The impact of drug addiction in our society today is so intense that it results in a chaotic government and a dramatic decline of our country’s economy. Definitely, these illegal drugs lead to great dilemma among us, the youth. Destructive as they are, many of our peers are facing a lot of troubles in life making, their future uncertain enough to make them a big liability to the society in the next years to come.

Feeling of depression, loneliness, helplessness, peer pressure, curiosity, lack of self-control, family problems and at times, poverty are just but some of the factors that lead an individual to fall into the dark world of drug addiction. The factors are so plenty and too vague that we need to act as AGENTS OF CHANGE. We,,the youth should be agents of change in every sense of the word. In every thing that we do; we always have the freedom of choice as to how to face the trials in life, whether in a positve or a negative way. A positive or a brave manner may be shown by trying to solve them squarely. However, a negative or a cowardly way of facing problems is greatly manifested by indulging In drug addiction. By all means, the youth, despite the hardships in life, can keep themselves busy with worthwhile activites such as sports, cultureand the arts, have the courage to say “No” to temptations, have discipline, self-control, love and affection with one another and above all, have faith in God.

The youth must be mindful to the bad effects brought about by the use of illegal drugs, We must be aware of the constant changes in our society and be ready to adjust without compromises. We should uphold the name of our society. Shouting “No to Drugs” is just not enough. Action and cooperation should go hand in hand. As an agent of change, a consolidated effort is necessary among the youth. Each of our helping hands must reach out to the call for action. Let us help clean up the mess and eliminate the ugly graffiti of drug addiction through an active involvement and a genuine concern.

Colegio de San Jose, Jaro, Iloilo City
1st PRIZE WINNER, Elementary Level

As you can see, our world is so messed up . . . with the growing population, more people suffer from poverty, the rich becomes richer in the society, there are a lot of injustices, graft and corruption is not new in the government, and most of all, the crime rate among the nations are increasing due to drug addiction.
Philippines is, one of these nations. Furthermore, the ones that are most influenced are the Filipino youth who are destined to be the future of our country. Many lives are destroyed due to the wide spread use of drugs. The so called “big people” in our society are the ones who serve as producers, bidding other people, especially the less fortunate, for them to earn money without thinking what harm it will cause them. .

We are the future generation, the hope of our Fatherland. No one else can clean up the mess that our fellowmen have scattered but ourselves. If they could not be good examples for us, then we could be for them. We can show them that there are a lot of things which they can do to make this world a better place to live in. Not of greed, violence and vices; not with the use of illegal drugs but of love, peace, unity and living life for the goodness of others. Above all, let us live up to the thought of influencing others for the common good and not being influenced by the use of illegal drugs. I believe that we will be able to sweep away the “filthiness” that has already piled up within our society and in. our country only if we will unite.

Stamps featuring “Ang Batang Pinoy Laban sa Droga” National Stamp Design Contest

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