Trivia about Philippine Birds I

Various species of Philippine Birds

Pl Mugimaki Flycatcher ( Ficedula mugimaki)
A tiny bird with black upperparts, broad white wing patch are white base to outer tail feathers. Found in Luzon, Mindanao, Negros and Sibutu.

P2 Narcissus Flycatcher ( Ficedula narcissina)
Medium sized bird with eyebrow rump, throat, and upper breast in bright orange yellow color; black upper parts extends down almost across breast forming an indistinct black crescent on breast.

Various species of Philippine Sunbirds

a. Olive-Backed Sunbird (Nectarinia jugularis)
Most common lowland sunbird in coconut plantations. It has varying orange color in center of breast; upper parts olive green; tail black; throat and upper breast dark metallic purplish blue; and rest of underparts are yellow sometimes washed with orange.

b. Metallic-Winged Sunbird (Aethopy ga pulcherrima)
Common in forest and has short tail, yellow rump, and yellow stripe on throat.

c. Plain-Throated Sunbird (Anthreptes malacensis)
Common in coconut groves and mangroves and popularly called “Pipit” in Pilipino.

d. Lina’s Sunbird (Aethopyga linaraborae)
Commonly found in mountains of East Mindanao. This sunbird has a narrower yellow throat and longer tail than Metallic-Winhed Sunbird.

e. Purple-Throated Sunbird (Nectarinia sperata)
Common in lowlands, in mangroves and coconut groves. This sunbird has an orange yellow breast with an orange stripe down the middle.

f. Apo Sunbird (Aethopyga boltoni)
Common in mountain forests and has long tail and narrow yellow throat.

g. Copper-Throated Sunbird (Nectarinia calcostetha)
Common in mangroves but also occurs in gardens and cultivated areas near the shore. Medium sized bird with top of head metallic green; face, ear coverts, and mantle velvety black.

h. Flaming Sunbird (Aethopyga flagrans)
Commonly called “Pipit-gubat” in Pilipino.

i. Grey-Hooded Sunbird (Aethopyga primiqenius)
Known only in Mt. Apo, Kitanglad and Hilong-Hilong. It has gray head which appears to be a hood and white belly.

j. Lovely Sunbird (Aethopyga shelleyi)
Common in cultivated areas and the smallest sunbird in the Philippines.

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