Trivia about Butterflies VII

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Butterflies are not only an important order of insects confronting nature lovers, collectors and scientists with innumerable unsolved problems, neither are they dangerous pests threatening man’s economy with great financial losses. Butterflies are frequently his friends in the struggle to achieve harvest and, if he takes the trouble to look closely, are often creatures of unexpected beauty: the colors and forms of these living jewels are magnificent. It will require more that ordinary skill for an artist to reproduce the metallic shimmer of gloss sheen seen in some of the tropical winged jewels. The satisfaction, excitement and delight of the nature lover or the collector who discovers the rare species which has eluded him, is beyond description.

The conservation of our wildlife and our butterflies in particular, some of which are on the verge of extinction, is very important and some thought should be given for its conservation. Let us protect our forests.

Arisbe decolor stratos (Rothschild, 1895)
This remarkable fast flying black and white Papilio swallowtail belongs to the antiphates group. The species can be found in the island of Mindoro.

Note: Similar to the April 12 issue, except Butterfly now has two antennas; design also shows red line above “Pilipinas” (instead of yellow as in the April 12 issue).

Stamps featuring Butterflies VII

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