Trivia about Butterflies IX

Butterflies IX

Arhopala anthelus impar. “Arhopala” is a very large genus of gossamer-winged butterflies Lycaenidae. They are the type genus of the tribe Arhopalini. It contains over 200 species collectively known as oakblues. They occur from Japan throughout temperate to tropical Asia south and east of the Himalayas to Australia and the Solomon Islands of Melanesia. Like in many of their relatives, their caterpillars are attended and protected by ants; sexual dichromatism is often prominent in adult oakblues.

Parantica danatti danatti. This species inhabits forested areas at high elevations in Mindanao, 1200 up to 2000 meters. Range: S.E. Mindanao (Mt. Apo, etc.)

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