Trivia about Butterflies I

Butterflies I

Butterflies fascinate nature-lovers and experts alike. People of all ages around the world enjoy writing essays and poems, photographing them and even pursuing them. Stories, tales, dreams, traditions and myths refer to butterflies as symbols of happiness, death, freedom and the flights of fancy.

The Philippines is one of the countries in the world that ranks high in the diversity of more than 1,700 species and subspecies of butterflies. This makes our country an important haven for these winged jewels. This also makes the task of butterfly conservation all the more urgent here in our country. In the William’s Worldmap Computer Program, Philippine butterflies play an important role in the evaluation of the diversity of the subspecies, species and genera.

Mabuhay for Paru-paru, the Pilipino term for butterflies!

Parantica noeli
One of the most significant finds of the decade, this new species is one of the most striking Danaid butterflies among its associates, which can be attributed to the defined contrast of very rich dark brown and deep greenish yellow coloration of the wings. It is endemic to the Philippines and can only be found at a high altitude on Mt. Halbon in Mindoro.

Chilasa osmana osmana
One of the rarest papilio butterflies in the Philippines. It can be found in lowland primary and secondary forests in Leyte and Mindanao. Its life cycle is still unknown.

Graphium sandawanum joreli
A graphium recently described by Justin Nuyda. This butterfly can be found at high altitude on Mt. Kitanlad in Bukidnon.

Papilio xuthus benguetanus
A high altitude butterfly described in 1923 and can be found in the highlands of Northern Luzon. This butterify is a strong living proof that Northern Philippines was once connected to Mainland China.

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