Stamps featuring the Philippine Fruits

Se-tenant Blocks of Four from Miniature Sheets of 16:  35,000

   7p  Custard Apples (Atis)

   7p  Pomelos (Suha)
   7p  Watermelon (Pakwan)
   7p  Mangoes (Manga)


Miniature Sheets of 16:  8,750

  Souvenir Sheets of 4  (8,000)

   7p  Jackfruit (Langka)
   7p  Lanzones
   7p  Coconuts (Buko)
   7p  Bananas (Saging)

First Day Covers:  Manila

Atis.  Philippine name for Sweet Sop, Sugar Apple, and Custard Apple.  Atis was introduced to the Philippines during the Spanish times. It is a small tree that grows between 10 to 20 feet high when fully matured with oblong leaves and green heart-shaped fruits with polygonal tubercles. The atis fruit has a white, sweet flesh and black seeds.

Pomelo (Suha). Found throughout the Philippines, usually planted. A small tree, 6 to 13 meters in height. Spines, solitary, sharp and long. Flowers are white, fragrant.  Fruit is large, up to 20 cm in diameter.  Pulp is pale yellow, pink or red, with large distinct vesicles. Read more

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