Stamps featuring the Endemic Land Snails of the Philippines

The following endemic land snails of the Philippines are featured:

Se-tenant Blocks of 4:


6p – Cochlostyla imperator

6p – Helicostyla turbinoides

6p – Helicostyla lignaria

6p – Amphidromus dubius

Miniature Sheets of 16:   6,250
Se-tenant Blocks of 4:  


6p – Chrysallis fischeri (25,000)

6p – Helicostyla bicolorata (25,000)

6p – Helicostyla dobiosa (25,000)

6p – Helicostyla portel (25,000)

Miniature Sheets of 16: 6,250
24p Souvenir Sheets of 4  (8,000)

6p – Calocochlia depressa

6p – Cochlostyla sarcinosa

6p – Calocochlia schadenbergi

6p – Helicostyla pulcherrina

Photographer: Joseph Wu
Design Coordinator:  Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak
Designs: From the collection of Victor Dan

Land snails, relatives of seashells, are well-known for their beauty, vivid colors and exquisite patterns. About 35{1104248511d637c6a51014dcaacb77de829b1de96a4faa7392b7bed9a15aa427} of the world's land snails are found in the Philippines, and almost all of them are endemic to the country. Due to their extreme sensitivity, many have become extinct in their rain forest environments as a result of deforestation. Most land snails will not survive when transferred to other environments, so it is only by saving our forests will we be able to save our land snails. Read more

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