Stamps featuring the 23rd Southeast Asian Games

Each miniature sheet contains two se-tenant blocks of 6 stamps:

Se-tenant Blocks of 6:   20,000

6p – Boxing

6p – Cycling

6p – Wushu

6p – Bowling

6p – Badminton

6p – Billiards

Miniature Sheets of 12: 10,000
17p Souvenir Sheets of 3 (Blue): 8,000

6p – Archery

5p – Shooting

6p – Equestrian

17p Souvenir Sheets of 3: 8,000

6p – Chess

5p – Arnis

6p– Dragonboat Race

Graphic Artist: Richard Allen Baron
Layout Artists:  Alfonso V. Divina, Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak
Design Coordinator:  Atty. Jayceebelle V. Balite,  Connie Almario
Designer: Campaigns & Grey
Designs: Seagame mascot “Gilas” (Philippine eagle) featured as an athlete.

Trivia about the 23rd Southeast Asian Games

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