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Trivia about Philippine Colonial Bridges II

Bridge building in the country is integral to the development of communities. It helps in the opening up of communities to various forms of land transport allowing thus the development of trade and relations between once distant and detached areas. The early history of bridge building was attributed to both the Spanish missionaries and conquistadors. During the early period of American rule, the Bureau of Public Works was created to initiate further the task of linking the Philippines together with spans that for some still serve the commuting public. The bridges highlight an architectural and engineering form that has served nobly the interest of the country.

Trivia about Lighthouses in the Philippines I

CAPE BOJEADOR, Burgos, llocos Norte – Is an exemplary nineteenth century architectural lighthouse model with its tower, lamp, keeper's quarters and ancillary structure. It is one of the enduring major Spanish colonial lighthouses that still serves today as a signal station and beacon to sea vessels in the country.

Trivia about Philippine Architectural Heritage

EI Hogar D. Antonio Melian established in 1910 a building society that issued mortgages called “EI Hogar Filipino”. Four years later, in 1904, the four story building of the company, designed and constructed by Irureta-Goyena, was inaugurated on the corner of Juan Luna in Binondo facing the Pasig River.