Trivia about the Occupational Health Nurses Association of the Philippines (OHNAP)

This organization was found as The Industrial Nursing Unit of the Philippine Nurse’s Association in 1950 and Ms. Magdalena Valenzuela was credited as the founder. The first chairperson was Ms. Perla Gorres. It became the Occupational Health Nurse’s Association of the Philippines (OHNAP) on Sept. 10, 1969 with Ms. Annie Santos as the first president. It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under registry #88653 on Sept. 25, 1979. It is probably the only nursing professional organization that confers a certified title to qualified members. On February 2, 1984, an important role was given by DOLE to OHNAP
to conduct occupational health training programs pursuant to the Labor Code and PD#442. Over the years and with six different individuals serving as president i~continues to provide various services to occupational health nurses in the country primarily through its education thrust. By this year, the organization would have already achieved 52 postgraduate and 6 advanced classes on occupational health nursing. Ever growing, the organization has now have more than 2,500 members and 13 chapters all over the country. At its 50th year, OHNAP stands proud of its achievements and looks forward for the times ahead in the global stage in the spirit of everlasting service.

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