Trivia about the Year of the Goat

People born under the sign of goat (1907, 1919,1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, and 2003) are kind and compassionate. They are civilized, courtly, and refined. They like peace and quiet, and follow the latest trends in art and literature. Some may see a goat person as a bit of pushover, but that is far from the truth, because he can be determined when he wants his own way.

FAMILY. A goat person loves order and harmony around him, especially at home, where he may be described as somewhat old-fashioned in his tastes and style. He is the homemaker and enjoys decorating and fumishing. He likes tradition and continuity in the home, and often fails to throw things away when they are past their best. Children are important to a goat person and he cares for them well. He provides comfort, stimulation, and reponsibility. He is also a stickler for politeness, which means children are taught to be on their best behavior around him. A goat person maintains a lasting contact with his siblings, and is usually part of a much larger family than most.

RELATIONSHIPS. This is where the goat person really shines. A good relationship is very important to the goat person and he does like a food relationship – or even several. In younger days, he can be wild and throw his affection a bit, but once grown up, he usually settles down easily and with a good partner. However, it is the physical side of the relationship that interests the goat person. In a loving relationship, he blossoms in all other areas as well. His confidence grows and he feels that all is right with the world.

CAREER. A goat person could spend the whole of his life wandering from one job to the next, and never really finding out what he wants to do. That is his nature – capricious, idealistic, diluted, and vague. When presented with responsibility and hard work, he will knuckle down and do a thorough and decent job. He likes change, diversification, challenge, refinement, and swanning about looking cool, refined, and glamorous.

FRIENDS. Friends want a goat person around more than any other sign. A goat person has an image that indicates a sort of wild character, a pirate, or a creature of the night. He is someone exciting and dangerous, decandent and extreme. A goat person has a wonderful ability to hibemate when depressed or going through a difficult period. He is not one to seek a shoulder to cry on, so his friends believe he is always happy.

Stamps featuring the Year of the Goat

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