Trivia about the World Vision Development Foundation in the Philippines

World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian organization. The ministry began in the Philippines by helping three orphanages in the Philippines, namely: Mercyville Orphanage, Inc. in South Cotabato, Good Shepherd’s Fold, Inc. in Iloilo and Waif Haven located at Davao City. In 1960, it operated as a relief organization and by 1972 opened an office in Manila.

In 1976, it expanded its services that included health, education, social services and community-based development. By 1981, the organization’s thrust shifted from providing social services and community-based development with the establishment of a Development Assisting Center as an innovative approach.

When the country was hit by typhoon Agnes in 1984, it launched a relief project that supplied food, housing materials, tools, medicines and bibles to about 25,000 affected people. Families also received loans for seed, fishing nets and new boats, and provided a food-forwork program that offered wages and tools for carpenters to help rebuild coastal homes.

In 1987, World Vision Philippines was temporarily closed and a major reorganization took place that involved the transfer of central coordination to World Asia Regional Office and partnership with Economic Development Foundation. Two years later, its first female Executive Director in the person of Elnora Avarientos led the rebuilding and reconstructing of the organization.

Beginning 1997, the organization became active again in providing support and relief programs to the less fortunate, particularly to poor children. The organization took an active part in the rehabilitation and relief projects extended to the communities affected by typhoons Violeta, Winnie and Yoyong in the provinces of Aurora, Camarines Norte and Quezon in 2004.

Today, World Vision Philippines is helping about 108,089 children in 34 provinces and 22 cities all over the country.

Stamps featuring the World Vision Development Foundation in the Philippines

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