Trivia about Native Philippine Orchids V

Epigeneium Iyonii (P17.00)
The pseudobulbs of Epigeneium Iyonii are 5 to 7 cm. long and 2.5 to 4 cm. wide, four-angled, bifoliate. The feathery leaves are oblong, 17 to 25 cm. long, and 3.5 to 5.5 cm. wide. The apex is unequally bilobed. The flower stalk is very long, arching and longer than the leaves. The flowers are large, white and purplish red. It is endemic in Luzon and Samar, found in Bataan, Kalinga-Apayao, Laguna and Rizal.

Thrixspermum subulatum (P21.00)
It has long and pendent shoots, often with side shoots. The leaves are thick, fleshy, shiny and leathery. At the short inflorescences, some flowers appear within a few weeks on many nodes. The flowers do not open completely. The three-lobed lip has a sac-like spur; the large pointed lateral lobes are erect or envelope the column. Found in Bontoc and Ilocos Norte.

Dendrobium uniflorum (P6.00)
The popularly known “Popcorn Orchid”, has erect to spreading, cylindrical stems that are up to 40 cm. long. It bear many leaves which measures about 3.5 cm. long and 1 cm. wide. The solitary flowers appear on the nodes of the stems. Found all over the Philippines.

Kingidium philippinense (P10.00)
Kingidium philippinense has the habit of a Phalaenopsis plant. The short shoot is about 4 cm long; the four to eight leaves grow up to 18 cm long. The branched inflorescence is erect and longer than the leaves, bearing flowers of about 12 mm in diameter. The three-lobed lip has calli between and on the lateral lobes. The pollinarium has four unequal hemispherical pollinia in two pairs.

Trichoglottis philippinensis (P22.00)
It has very long, erect shoots which can sometimes be branched. The leaves are stiff pod leathery. The flowers appear solitary on several nodes and the lip is three-lobed. The spur is more like a cave in the fleshy lip. On the back wall of the very short spur is a tongue-like, densely hairy structure. It is endemic and found in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Palawan.

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