Trivia about Native Philippine Orchids I

Phalaenopsis philippinensis has mottled leaves that are up to 35 cm long and 9 cm wide. The inflorescence grows up to 40 cm long, is erect to bent, mostly branched, many-flowered. The flowers, which reach 55 mm in diameter, are white. The lateral lobes of the lip are intensively yellow. The middle portion on the lip bears a callus between the lateral lobes; in the apical part it has two thread-like appendages. The pollinarium has two cleft pollinia connected to a stipe with a large viscidium.

Phalaenopsis fasciata is similar in form to P. amabilis but smaller. The leaves, which grow to 25 cm long, are yellowish green. The inflorescence is spreading, longer than the leaves. The flowers are shiny, wax-like, around 50 mm in diameter, and appear two or three at a time. The lip is three-lobed; the middle lobe has a central keel and few hairs on the apical part. The pollinarium has two cleft pollinia.

Phalaenopsis pulchra resembles P. lueddemanniana in habit. The leaves are yellowish green, elliptic, and up to 25 cm long. The inflorescence is about as long as the leaves, spreading to pendent, few-flowered. The flowers reach 50 mm in diameter. They are luminous purple red and shiny; against the light, lighter dots and stripes are visible. The lip is three-lobed; it has a keel in the middle part between the lateral lobes and is thickened and a little hairy toward the apex; the lateral lobes are yellow. The pollinarium has two cleft pollinia

Phaius tankervilleae is a large terrestrial plant. Its pseudobulbs are about 35 mm long. The leaves are up to 1m long, and 12 cm wide. The inflorescence is erect, sometimes up to 1.5 m tall, bearing 10 to 25 flowers. The flowers are about 12 cm in diameter; the petals and sepals are white on their back with varying shades of red or brown on the front. The sepals are widely stretched out, acute, up to about 60 mm long; the petals are smaller but also acute. The lip is only indistinctly trilobed, and deep purple. The pollinarium has eight waxy pollinia.

Stamps featuring Native Philippine Orchids I

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