Trivia about Insects

1. Ornate Checkered Beetle – Feeds on wasp and bee larvae. Ham Beetles are scavengers and feed on carrion and blowfly larvae; they may also be pests on smoked meats. Small, brightly colored, pattemed or checkered beetles with hairy, elongated bodies and rather soft elytra. They have large heads and clubbed antennae. Most common in woodland, on flowers and trees, usually on or under the bark or on the flowers, not on the leaves. Feed on pollen or on the larvae and adults of bark-boring beetles.

Many larvae live in the galleries of beetles, where they hunt for the larvae of the bark beetles. Others attack the larvae of gallforming beetles or of bees and wasps. Some feed on moth caterpillars. A few feed on stored meats.

2. Sharpshooter Bug – Mostly small insects with two pairs of similar membranous wings (i.e. homopterous) or wingless. Wings often held in a roof-like position over the body when at rest. All have sucking mouth parts which originate far back beneath the head.
All feed on plants, sucking out their juices wth their sucking mouth parts. They may be found on any part of a plant, from roots to leaves, stems, flowers and fruits.

Nymphs similar in form to adults but wingless. Life cycle may be normal with nymphs developing through several molts into adults, or may involve altemation of winged and wingless forms, as in aphids.